For the Love of Pool
Improve You Rail, Bank and Kick Shots

The only thing you’ll need is your shooting equipment, a pool table, billiard balls and a quarter. A quarter? Yes a quarter. In this article we will go over the geometry and some very minor physics to help you improve your rail, bank and kick shots. There are two fundamental errors that most shooters make when performing these shots.

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Making the 8 on the Break

The 8 ball break, like anything else in pool, requires some time to become proficient at. Without developing the proficiency at it there is a good chance of scratching on the break. Despite that, since numerous people ask me all the time how I manage to get so many 8 ball breaks I thought I would share the technique with you.

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Interactive Writing Project

This week we are experimenting with QR Codes and learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  So we are having to post something in regards to this assignment on our personal blogs that were started for this class.  So, here is a link created by bitly for the interactive writing classes collaberative project.  Please check it out and help the class exceed the expectations of the professor with the number of clicks on the site.  Thanks.

Improving Your Pool Stroke

Improving your stroke is one of the most important aspects of the game of pool when it comes to fundamentals. There are so many methods to do this and none are any better than the others. It really is a matter of what works best for you as an individual. What I will discuss in this post are the methods that I personally use to improve and fine tune my stroke. This is something that I have personally spent many hours working on because of its importance.

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The Jump Shot

Generally, when most people think of a jump shot, they think about “scooping” the cue ball instead of a legal jump.  “Scooping” is done when a player causes the cue ball to jump off the table as the result of stroking under it with the cue, as shown here.

Scooping is Illegal

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A couple trick shots I tried again recently just to see if I still remembered how to do them.  This is one of the things about Billiards I miss.  Competition shooting is awesome and fun, but performing these shots feels more like a work of art than gaming.